I bricked my Arduino

I grabbed the Arduino Coding Kit (really an Arduino Leonardo) the other day. I will post what I am building with it later, but long story short I bricked it.

This is not a bash on littleBits, I think they’re awesome (although a little pricy).

How to fix it

Ok, so you messed up your littleBits arduino somehow, you need to restart it.

You will need:

  1. Arduino board + USB cable
  2. Power module
  3. Some sort of conductive cable (I used some soldering wick as my cable.)

In short, you need to short circuit the board to restart it.

  1. Find the two middle holes on the a2 and d10 row. Holes
  2. Place the cable to connect those holes. connectedHoles
  3. Connect USB cable to computer and arduino.
  4. Turn ON your arduino board (via power module)
  5. Launch Arduino IDE and have bug-free code ready
  6. Start to Upload the code. When the status changes from Compiling sketch to Uploading, remove the short circuit.
  7. You should see LED’s flashing and the Arduino should be reset.

More about the problem

I’ve done some research as to why this happens. I think it boils to a couple things:

  1. Either you uploaded larger files than its memory can handle
  2. Or you used a library that messes up the firmware on the board.

I personally used JeeLib, a library designed to help with power consumption on the boards. I’m assuming that messed up some LED controllers that ended up messing up the entire system.